Every structure you see today is a product of concrete. Durability is key when it comes to concreting services. These can be achieved by choosing the right material and mixes.

Concreting has become the principal ingredient because it is strong, durable and above all can be moulded into various shapes and design.

The following are some of the different types of concrete used in commercial projects.

High-strength Concreting works  for Commercial Construction

Just as the name suggests, high strength concrete is used to withstand high compressive loads.

The stamina helps in the construction of tall structures. Its application is widely used in constructing foundations, shear walls, concrete driveways and columns.

Rapid-strength Concreting Works

When this concrete is prepared, it takes a few hours to gain its strength. These help in the rapid construction of roads, buildings, concrete foundation, and dams. Mostly this concrete is mixed with tiniest amount water which in turn formulates high resistance and strength.

Plain Concrete Enforcement

This type of concrete does not need any support of steel or wire. It is said to have low tensile strain capabilities.

This makes it suitable for the construction of structures like concrete entryways, septic drainage, and dams.

Ultra High-Performance Concrete Works

This type of concrete is unique in its way. Ultra high-performance concrete requires extra added components to its mix. These ingredients include silica fume, fine silica sand and quartz flour.

The strength of this concrete work is increased by the use of steel or organic fibres.

Different Types of Concrete for Commercial Projects

Roller Compacted Concrete Slabs

Road rollers play an important role when it comes to this type of concrete slab. When the concrete is positioned, compacting takes place, this is done by the road rollers. The concrete slab uses less cement but produces a high level of density.

Reinforced Concrete Services

When the concrete is plain it will tend to have less tensile strength. This is where reinforcement comes in. The concrete reinforcement can be achieved by introducing meshes, steel rods, bars and sometimes fibres.

Reinforced concrete is used widely in bridges and constructions that need a high level of strength.

Asphalt Concrete works

This type of concrete is arrived at when you mix asphalt with aggregates. It is mostly used in parking areas, road coverings, concrete driveways and at the airports.

Ready-mix Concrete works

Not all concrete is mixed at the construction site. Some are mixed at the plant and transported to the construction location. However, this type of concreting service if not timely planned can dry while on the way to the site.

For commercial purposes, it is mixed and delivery is done immediately.

Precast Concrete Slabs

During construction, some areas with small units need precast concrete. These areas include concrete blocks, lintels and stare cases.

With precast concrete slabs, you can produce it depending on one’s needs.

High-density Concrete works

Technology is growing rapidly with the construction and commencement of plants that deal with a high level of radiation.

Concrete works have helped in constructing high-density concrete that prevents the leak in some of this factory.

This type of concrete is prepared by heavyweight aggregate like barytes.


Concrete being an essential part of the construction has changed the way structures are assembled and their durability.

With proper mixtures and accurate use of concrete services, commercial structures are assembled, roads constructed and development in structure increased.